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Wall panelling in USA is one way to give your home or office a new look. There are many types of wall panelling. They range from wall panelling, bamboo panelling, stone panelling and many more. Wall paneling may be the simplest but one of the most versatile.

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Here are few of the most common forms of wall panelling.

Shaker panelling is a type of wainscoting. The panels look like a square board with a sunken square in the middle. its ideal for most rooms since the panelling can look both traditional and contemporary. Shaker is best installed in a room with a chair rail and without many cabinets or breaks in the wall. Be sure to measure the whole length of the wall from corners to door as well as the height between the baseboard and chair rail.
Similar to wainscoting, beadboard panelling runs the length of the wall. it isn’t necessarily made out of wood, making it a more affordable paneling. The continuous design also makes beadboard a great paneling for ceilings, higher panelling or paneling that covers the whole wall.

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Forms of wall panneling

Wainscot panels consist of vertical tongue and groove wooden boards broken into squares that run the length of the wall. More traditional than shaker panelling, wainscot brings a fresh, countryside feel, perfect for a kitchen or mudroom. Buying pre-cut lumber will make this job easier, so once you measure the length of each wall, calculate the number of panels that would look best for your room.
Craftsman panelling inspires a quality handcrafted look with clean lines. The panels are designed to look as though wood strips were layered in squares over a wooden wall. At over six feet tall, these panels grab attention with their cabin-like feel. Adorning the top of the panelling is usually an elegant plate rail that you can use to display paintings, collections or eye-catching trinkets. Decorative wall panels in USA can be beadboard panels, lionite tileboard, wood grain finishes panels, decorative finish or wainscot. Decorative panels have variety of patterns in natural wood characteristic. They can also be used as accent walls. Decorative wall panels add richness and texture to the rooms.
Why beadboard
The beadboard panelling is the most popular decorative wall panelling. This is often installed as a decorative wainscoting that adds texture and contrast especially in the living area. When beadboard are in natural wood hues, they add rustic appearance. They elicit an informally relaxed atmosphere. They also have the craftsmanship of the contemporary building materials. They have varied informality level depending on the woods of your choice. Beadboard panels can also be painted instead of installed. Painting is in fact a cheaper alternative. You can opt for lower grade woods and just paint out the imperfections. The lionite tileboards are subject to give high moisture and humidity. These are locally found on kitchens, play rooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms. They can also be best in basements and below the ground levels. This panel is water resistant. it can be a substitute to the expensive ceramic tiles. it is easy to clean with non-abrasive cleaners and water.

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