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Fiberglass windows after installation

Today, fiberglass windows are actively used in Mount Laurel for glazing apartments, private houses, public buildings, and commercial and industrial facilities. Such versatility is explained by the modular design: by combining different profile systems, glass units, and hardware elements, you can create a window with almost any characteristic.

Advantages of fiberglass windows:

Energy efficiency. Low thermal conductivity is the main advantage of fiberglass windows. Combining a multi-chamber profile, a double-glazed window with energy-saving glass, and fittings that provide a tight fit of the sash to the frame around the entire perimeter guarantees high energy efficiency.

it is possible to increase the heat transfer resistance, for example, by equipping the structure with a double-glazed unit.

New fiberglass windows with modern curtain

One of the advantages is the possibility of sun protection and sound insulation. A glass-elastic window not only retains heat well - but also protects against external noise. Good insulation characteristics can be increased by choosing a double-glazed unit with different distances between glass layers. The completeness of the double-glazed window with reflective or multifunctional glass protects the room from overheating.

Functionality. Various hardware complexes enable multiple opening options - rotary, rotary-tilt, transom, sliding, etc. in addition, the installation of additional hardware elements makes it possible to choose the most effective ventilation mode - from micro-ventilation to intensive ventilation with a fully open sash.

Huge modern fiberglass windows

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Simple care. Caring for a fiberglass window is quite simple. it is enough to clean the fittings from dust twice a year and then lubricate them and the seals around the perimeter. The plastic and glass surfaces themselves are easily cleaned of any contamination.

Durability. The service life is practically unlimited, under proper conditions with care, the window can last for several decades without repair.

Design potential. Modern options for decorating fiberglass windows are pretty broad. This applies both to the profile (it can be not only white but also colored or laminated) and double-glazed windows (colored glass, glass tinted with a film, textured double-glazed windows, stained glass). in addition, the window can be with decorative elements - a stylish handle, overlays on the hinge, bars (inserts inside the glass unit), and others.

Why choose Mount Laurel Roofing, Siding, and Windows for window installation?

We want to draw your attention to important details that, in addition to observing the technology of installing windows in the opening, are also very important for the long service life of the purchased windows. And this is precisely the quality of components used during window installation.

Our basic tariff plan will be an order of magnitude better due to:

Using of plates of increased strength. More robust fastening will ensure reliable fixation of the window in the opening;

Our company follows the technology of fastening a fiberglass window in the beginning (we know the deviations from the corners, the step, and the frequency of fastening);

Our specialists align the frame box in the hole using plastic wedges;

We use proven and high-quality foam to seal and seal the joint between the frame and the wall;

We reliably close the cold window sill area of the window to prevent freezing at the window sill point in winter.

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