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Copper roofing

Copper roofs are amongst the longest lasting known to man. it is not uncommon for a copper roof – also known as a penny-metal lid – to last for hundreds of years. With the average asphalt roof lasting only around 20 years or so, this can sound almost too good to be true. So if copper roofinglasts so long, why doesn’t everyone use it? The answer is in the availability. Copper is in high demand and the cost is at an all time high with jumps of 20 to 30% in pricing every few years. it’s also difficult to obtain quantities large enough to cover a roof, so if you wanted to get a roof made of copper you would be paying two to three times what it would cost to get another roof – somewhere in the neighborhood of about $15 a square foot.

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Advantages of copper

if you can swing the cost, copper has quite a few advantages to offer homeowners in addition to the fact that it will probably outlast your home. They don’t burn and they are actually extremely lightweight. They are available in a wide range of tiles, as well as in sheets so you can customize the style and appearance of your home. Copper is said to have what is called a living finish, which means that the color of your roof will change over time to reflect its environment. So while your roof will start out bright and shiny, it will eventually deepen and darken in color and possibly also verdigris or oxidize to a blue green depending on the conditions of where you live. Copper is also virtually maintenance free, so getting a copper roof means that you can pretty much ignore that whole area of your home for as long as you own it.

Don’t wait till your roof break!

While many people feel that a living finish is an advantage to getting a copper roof, it isn’t for everyone. Copper doesn’t oxidize evenly, so for the first several years your roof may appear streaky and uneven in color, which can detract from the curb appeal for some homeowners. With its exceptional durability and longevity, copper is the material to use if you want a roof you can hand down to your descendents. Combined with its uniԛue beauty and coloring, copper is one roofing material that is well worth its cost.

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